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Rock climbing has developed into a very well liked sport within the last decade and has developed into a favorite choice both indoors and out. Even though equipment and technique have evolved tremendously, it is still imperative that climbers, particularly those new to the game, be certain to educate yourself on the fundamentals well, take all necessary safety precautions and themselves fit and strong before venturing out.
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The record to the fastest ascent and descent of the mountain is owned by Simon Mtuy, originally from Tanzania, who managed this in just 8 hours and 27 minutes. This record was challenge in 2004 on December 26th and yes it took him 6 hours to reach the summit with the Umbwe Route. After that, he took a 20 minute break and after another 2 hours and twenty minutes, he reached Mweka Gate. Two years later, in 2006, climbed through the Umbwe Gate to the summit and down in 9 hours and 19 minutes, which time he did it alone, establishing the easiest unaided ascent and descent. By unaided we mean that he carried their own clothing, food and water. cura per caduta capelli

A 2 day course covers all personal skills necessary for winter walking in the Scottish Highlands. That includes kicking steps, cutting steps, walking with crampons, tripping and last including ice axe arrest. All these skills are very required whenever you walk in snow. After all you need to know how to proceed once you turn out on neve or ice.
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